About AlignSmart Technology


This process is a neuro-muscular one and takes anywhere from 12 weeks to 1 year to become a habit in the body. The process is three-fold: Symmetry Basic is the first phase (about 3 months) which focuses on the correction of your posture. This is where we strip the bad habits from the body until we get down to the initial cause of the System Breakdown. The second phase, Symmetry Core (about 3 months), is where we restore strength and balance once the majority of postural deviations have been addressed. Symmetry Complete is the third and final phase. This is where the transformation occurs, meaning that the brain now has sufficient time and memory to hold the changes you have made should you stop doing your routines. Most people would regress quickly after the first phase if they were to stop performing their routines, because the patterns of correction have not been instilled neurologically.

All phases DO NOT have to be completed in order to have success. It really depends upon the severity of your issues, and how long you have endured your dysfunctions. Upon the completion of any of the phases, Symmetry designs a maintenance program that works with you to ensure permanent pain relief. We give you the tools to maintain your new state of health and function for the rest of your life!

We Can Help With

Objective Measurements

We will measure 21 bony landmarks on your body and compare them from one session to another, thus working toward a more symmetrical body alignment. You will gain an understanding of your measurements and how these measurements relate to your misalignments, pain, and lack of performance.


You will have an understanding of the "why's" causing your pain or lack of performance, and understanding is crucial to making corrections and eliminating pain. We will compare your measurements with correct postural measurements and explain how each misalignment affects the overall system. We will also take a few pictures of you, so you can see first-hand how the misalignments in your body differ from ideal posture.

Corrective Posture Routine

Based on your misalignments, you will be given eight personalized Symmetry routines. The eight sessions will be spread out over four months to allow enough time to make the changes you need for optimal success. To try an example routine, click the following link and then click on the pictures themselves to activate the video demonstration: Demo.

The AlignSmart System



You will be provided online access to our state-of-the-art software program designed to aid you in your success, including color pictures and streamline videos of your corrective postures to help with your daily routine and consistency.


Our Mission is to provide ongoing support both during and after completion of the program, so that you know we are an integral part of your journey. What that means is support both in and out of the office. No matter what questions you might have, we will be there to help you.


Our main objective is to get you aligned and balanced. Your pain will naturally dissipate and eventually disappear on its own Then you simply maintain it, with our help!

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