Symmetry is a physics-based program which focuses on pain relief and performance enhancement through our patented Postural Alignment Technology™. Utilizing the AlignSmart™ software system, our unique Postural Assessment Tool (P.A.T.) measures 21 landmarks which are analyzed to determine the specific stretching and strengthening positions required to bring your body back into alignment. A generated report is given at each session to educate you on your progress.

The original philosophy was derived from The Egoscue Method, a subjective approach to postural correction. Patrick Mummycreated AlignSmart™ Technology to provide an upgraded modern version of postural correction, which is why Symmetry can explain exactly how misalignment causes the pain and issues you are experiencing and provide you with a tailored body alignment routine to resolve them. Our approach never generalizes based on your symptoms.  We call it "scientific yoga".

Chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy are all great modalities that complement Symmetry.  They are all focused on seeing clients in their offices and not what you need to hold those treatments when you are at home.  Our philosophy: "Teach a man to fish...".  We just do it with quantitative evidence and one of a kind customer service.  Oh, and we also have a money-back guarantee.  When's the last time your practitioner offered you that?


Symmetry Helps Body Posture

We begin life with optimal posture and function (the youngest girl in the photo to the right) which enables us to move effectively and efficiently in relation to gravity. Sedentary lifestyles, injury and “maladapted” movement patterns compromise our optimal posture (the other two women). Symmetry refers to this as a System breakdown, which leads to inconsistent function, creating chronic pain.

Symmetry reverses this breakdown by immediately changing your alignment to co-exist effectively with gravity; most importantly, it gives you the power to heal yourself with an easy home-management program. Follow it and you’ll create an active pain free lifer forever!


How Symmetry is Unique

  • 21 quantified measurements are taken by our patented, digital meter, the Postural Assessment Tool™.

  • Our patented AlignSmart™ software calculates these measurements & creates a unique sequence of individualized corrective exercises.

  • Physics is Symmetry’s philosophy, non-symptom driven. As we balance the entire structure, no pain will exist & your joints will move freely.

  • Immediate results are achieved because the body intuitively likes to be balanced. We tap directly into the need for this balance.

  • Client empowerment is the key to success. Actively participating in your own healing process, will allow for rapid, long-term outcomes. Minimizing reliance on your practitioner will be the main objective. Gain relief & learn how to “maintrain™” it.

  • Life-long support should be offered by any treatment program. Our patented software was created to keep you motivated & supported.

  • Preventing surgery is our passion. If you are misaligned prior to surgery, you will also be after, thus making it probable for additional surgeries. We call it “pre-hab.”

  • Improved physical activity results from great posture. If your car is out of alignment your tires will wear unevenly.


Will Symmetry work for me?

Symmetry specializes in identifying the cause of postural weakness, or dysfunction, by focusing on physics instead of pain. We re-train the entire body system as a whole, restoring strength and balance to each muscle group. Based on your measurements, we select specific exercises from a database of more than 350! Each exercise is designed to correct a specific deviation away from the planes of motion, which represents the accurate holding pattern of our bodies around gravity. These exercises mimic the stimulus we no longer receive through our daily activities. This serves to “re-create” the neural pathways that our ancestors relied on; pathways allowing the brain to send correct signals to the muscles, telling them how to correctly hold and move bone. In addition, Symmetry restores strength and balance to these muscle groups so that when the brain transmits the correct signal, or instructions, to them, they have the physical ability to perform optimally.