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Symmetry is a physics-based program which focuses on pain relief and performance enhancement through our patented Postural Alignment Technology™. Utilizing the AlignSmart™ software system, our unique Postural Assessment Tool (P.A.T.) measures 21 landmarks which are analyzed to determine the specific stretching and strengthening positions required to bring your body back into alignment. A generated report is given at each session to educate you on your progress.

The original philosophy was derived from The Egoscue Method, a subjective approach to postural correction. Patrick Mummy created AlignSmart™ Technology to provide an upgraded modern version of postural correction, which is why Symmetry can explain exactly how misalignment causes the pain and issues you are experiencing and provide you with a tailored body alignment routine to resolve them. Our approach never generalizes based on your symptoms.

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Back Pain
Old Man having a headache — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Old Man having arthritis attack — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Knee Pain
Elderly woman having knee pain — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Sports Injuries
Young girl have an injury — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Anatomy of human — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Girl manage her pain at the back — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Pain Management Prevention
Having a problem in her shoulder — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Shoulder Pain
Having a problem in his neck — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Neck Pain
The elderly men having back problem — Chronic pain treatment in Folsom, CA
Headaches & Migraines


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Symmetry for Health

Start-Up Date

1997; first clinic opened in Del Mar, CA; Symmetry has relocated to Sacramento, CA, but has practitioners located across the US and Canada.


Patrick Mummy

Symmetry Concept

National statistics show that more than 85 million people suffer from some type of body pain, costing employers nearly 200 billion a year and resulting in health care costs equal to one-sixth of the nation's budget. Symmetry was formed to meet the needs of today's society in curing body pain. Symmetry is defined as a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary clinic, specializing in restoring optimal structural and muscular function to the human body. Symmetry does this by assessing and revealing muscular weaknesses and imbalances, and creating specific therapeutic exercises that address individual needs. Symmetry does this without using drugs, surgery, chiropractic manipulation or equipment.

How Symmetry is Unique:

    • 21 quantified measurements are taken by our patented, digital meter, the Postural Assessment Tool™.
    • Our patented AlignSmart™ software calculates these measurements & creates a unique sequence of individualized corrective exercises.
    • Physics is Symmetry’s philosophy, non-symptom driven. As we balance the entire structure, no pain will exist & your joints will move freely.
    • Immediate results are achieved because the body intuitively likes to be balanced. We tap directly into the need for this balance.
    • Client empowerment is the key to success. Actively participating in your own healing process, will allow for rapid, long-term outcomes.
    • Minimizing reliance on your practitioner will be the main objective. Gain relief & learn how to “maintrain™” it.
    • Life-long support should be offered by any treatment program. Our patented software was created to keep you motivated & supported.
    • Preventing surgery is our passion. If you are misaligned prior to surgery, you will also be after, thus making it probable for additional surgeries.We call it “pre-hab”.
    • Improved physical activity results from great posture. If your car is out of alignment your tires will wear unevenly.

Achievements & Affiliations:

    Patrick Mummy, author of the book, Symmetry: Relieve Pain and Optimize Physical Motion, AND Symmetry: The Physics of Pain and Becoming Pain Free.
    Patrick Mummy, a nominee to the International Who's Who of Professionals.
    Patrick Mummy, awarded US patent for the Symmetry AlignSmart software system.
    Invited as guest speaker to the SWIS (Society of Wellness Integrative Specialists) Convention, Toronto, Canada; The American Massage Conference; The Canadian Massage Conference; and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
    Sponsorships include the Leukemia Society Marathon, Easter Seals Annual Wine & Cheese Event, American Cancer Society's Jim Laslavic Golf Tournament.
    CEU (Continuing Education) provider for the American Council of Exercise (ACE), National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), the California Board of Acupuncture, and the California Chiropractic Board of Examiners.

The Solution

To provide a non-invasive, non-medicated home-managed treatment intervention that restores and maintains musculoskeletal strength and integrity, and eliminates pain for the long-term! In other words, you can help yourself; you just need to know how to do it!

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